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The Concord Saunterer is a valuable aid to studies of Thoreau.”
— Harold Bloom, Yale University

The Concord Saunterer: A Journal of Thoreau Studies is an annual peer-reviewed journal of Thoreau scholarship that features in-depth essays about Thoreau, his times and his contemporaries, and his influence today.

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The Concord Saunterer: A Journal of Thoreau Studies seeks biographical, historical, textual, bibliographical, and interpretive articles relating to Henry David Thoreau, his legacy, his associates, the Concord circle of authors, and Transcendentalism more generally.

Please review our complete submission and publication policies in the most recent issue.

The Concord Saunterer: A Journal of Thoreau Studies is a member of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ) and referenced in American Literary Scholarship, Humanities International Complete, and the MLA Bibliography.

The Concord Saunterer is edited by Kathleen Kelly of Northeastern University (

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The Thoreau Society, in collaboration with UMass Lowell and the Digital Commonwealth of Massachusetts, has digitized Saunterer issues dating back to 1966. These issues are now freely accessible as full-text-searchable PDF documents at the Internet Archive.

2009, Volume 17

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2009, Volume 17

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The annual periodical of The Thoreau Society. Articles: “The Troubled Ocean: Charity, Sentiment, and Thoreau’s Global Consciousness in Cape Cod” / James Patrick Brown ; “Hunting the Human Animal: The Art of Ethical Perception in ‘Higher Laws'” / Nancy Mayer ; “Henry Thoreauy, Charles Olson and the Poetics of Place” / Kristen Case ; “Evolving Transcendentalism: Thoreauvian Simplicity in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin and Contemporary Ecological Architecture” / Naomi Uechi ; “‘A real practical, in the American manner:’ Turgenov’s Emersonian Reformer” / Jeffrey Bilbro ; “‘The Most Dismal Fraud of the New England Transcendental Group:’ Julian Hawthorne on Thoreau / Gary Scharnhorst ; “Henry David Thoreau and the American Work Ethic” / David B. Raymond.
The Thoreau Society, 2009. Paperback, 158 pp.

2008, Volume 16


The annual periodical of The Thoreau Society. Articles: “In the Company of Savagists: Thoreau’s Indian Books” / Joshua David Bellin ; “The Theme of Time in Thoreau’s Cape Cod” / Benjamin Vilhauer ; “Walden‘s Political Thoreau” / Paul Friedrich ; “Thoreau’s Translations: John Brown, Apples, Lillies” / Edward Mooney ; “Commercial Method and Thoreau’s Economy of Subsistence Writing” / David Dowling ; “The Old Corner Bookstore: ‘Rialto of Current Good Things, Hub of the Hub'” / David Emblidge ; “The Elusive Spirit of Thoreau” / Rexford Strathroy ; “Almost There: Thoreau’s Iconic Animals and Typee‘s Tidal Tug” / Michael Gionfriddo.
The Thoreau Society, 2008. Paperback, 158 pp.

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2007, Volume 15

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2006, Volume 14
Richard J. Schneider, editor

  • Transcendental Romance Meets the Ministry of Pain: The Thoreau Brothers, Ellen Sewall, and Her Father (Shawn Stewart)
  • The Shrouded Mountaintop: Intertextuality and the Misreading of Thoreau’s “Ktaadn” (Phillip Howerton)
  • “My River … Leads to the Sea”: Sarah Orne Jewett’s Country By-Ways as Thoreauvian Travel Narrative (Gayle Smith)
  • Jack London’s Knowledge of Thoreau (Louise E. Wright)
  • “A Strange, Wild Land, Permeated by Sea and Wind”: Esther Forbes in Thoreau’s Tracks on Cape Cod (Kent P. Ljungquist)
  • Mr. Emerson Comes to St. Louis: “Inspiration” and Kate Chopin (Kathleen Nigro)
  • Concord Comes to Cold Mountain: Emersonian Elements in Frazier’s Cold Mountain (Fredrica B. Glucksman)
  • The Archdruid Visits Walden Pond (Edmund A. Schofield)

2004/2005, Volume 12/13
Richard J. Schneider, editor
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Special Walden Sesquicentennial Issue: Walden the Place and Walden the Book

  • Emerson’s “Wyman Lot”: Forgotten Context for Thoreau’s House at Walden (W. Barksdale Maynard)
  • Rediscovery at Walden: The History of Thoreau’s Bean-Field (Bradley P. Dean)
  • Three Thoreau Haunts at Walden Pond (J. Walter Brain)
  • Realizing Resistance: Thoreau and the First of August, 1846 at Walden (Randall Conrad)
  • Saving Walden (Joseph C. Wheeler)
  • Beyond the “Common Course”: Exploring and Teaching Walden on Foot (Lucinda Damon-Bach)
  • Hound, Bay Horse and Turtle-Dove: Obscurity and Authority in Thoreau’s Walden (Henrick Otterberg)
  • Transcendentalism, Perfectionism and Walden (Daniel S. Malachuk)
  • “Live Thus Deliberately”: Authenticity and Narrative Ethics in Walden (Antonio Casado da Rocha)
  • Ripeness: Thoreau’s Critique of Technological Modernity (Ken Hiltner)
  • “The life Excited”: Faces of Thoreau in Walden (Steven Hartman)
  • Walden as Feminist Manifesto (Laura Dassow Walls)
  • The Everlasting Great Look of the Sky: Thoreau and E.B. White at Walden Pond (Robert Root)
  • Meaning in N.C. Wyeth’s Walden Pond Revisited (Mark Sullivan)
  • Wilderness and Spirit, A Mountain Called Katahdin: An Interview with Maine Filmmaker Huey (Ronald Wesley Hoag)
  • Thoreau’s Walden in the Twenty-first Century
  • Thoreau’s Walden in the Global Community

2003, Volume 11
Richard J. Schneider, editor
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  • Emerson in the Twenty-first Century (Gustaaf Van Cromphout, Sterling Delano, T. Gregory Garvey, Len Gougeon, Robert D. Habich, Alan D. Hodder, Wesley T. Mott, Joel Myerson, Barbara Packer, Gayle L. Smith)
  • Emerson and Second Church in Boston (Wesley T. Mott)
  • Emerson: Religion after Transcendentalism (David M. Robinson)
  • John Muir and the Emerson Centennial (J. Parker Huber)
  • Emerson on the Soul: What the Eye Cannot See (David Lyttle)
  • Dear Friend: Letter Writing in Concord (Robert N. Hudspeth)
  • “Treasure in My Own Mind”: The Diary of Martha Lawrence Prescott, 1834-1846 (Leslie Perrin Wilson)
  • “Patron of the World”: Henry Thoreau as Wordsworthian Poet (Lance Newman)
  • Dragonfly Days at Trail Wood: Remembering Edwin W. and Nellie Teale (Millard C. Davis)

2002, Volume 10
Richard J. Schneider, editor

  • Thoreau and the American Passion for Wilderness (Donald Worster)
  • Thoreau’s Environmental Ethics in Walden (Philip Cafaro)
  • A Concord Farmer Looks Back: The Reminiscences of William Henry Hunt (Leslie Perrin Wilson)
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Nature: Puritan Typology and German Idealism (Patrick Labriola)
  • A Thoreau in Paradise: E.J. Banfield’s My Tropic Isle (Robert Zeller)

2001, Volume 9

Richard J. Schneider, editor
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  • The Depth of Walden Pond: Thoreau As a Guide to Solving Twenty-First Century Environmental Problems (Daniel B. Botkin)
  • Devising the “Writer’s Soul” in Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee’s The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail (Robert Hubbard)
  • “Slavery in Massachusetts” and Mitchel’s Citizen: Rhetoric, Reform and Reprobates in 1854 (Chris L. Nesmith)
  • Emerson and Natural Evil (David Lyttle)
  • Mrs. Woodward Hudson’s Memoir of Mrs. Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar (Leslie Perrin Wilson)
  • Thoreau’s Tarn Identified: Guilder Pond (Bernard A. Drew)
  • Kate Field on Thoreau (Gary Scharnhorst)
  • Kindred Spirits: Edwin Way Teale and Henry David Thoreau (Thomas A. Potter)

2000, Volume 8

Richard J. Schneider, editor
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  • The Environment and the 21st Century: A Thoreauvian Interlude (Max Oelschlaeger)
  • Journal of a Cross Lot Walker: Why We Think We Own North America (John Hanson Mitchell)
  • Thoreau’s Virtue Ethics in Walden (Philip Cafaro)
  • The Publication of Nature: Walden and the Struggle of Authorship (John Nickel)
  • N. C. Wyeth, Thoreau, and Men of Concord (Leslie Perrin Wilson)
  • Thoreau, His Critics, and the Public (N. C. Wyeth)
  • Eight Hours: John Muir in Concord (J. Parker Huber)

1999, Volume 7

Ronald Wesley Hoag, editor
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  • Where Thoreau Was Born (Joseph C. Wheeler)
  • Growing Up On Thoreau Farm (Joseph C. Wheeler)
  • Seeds of Optimism: Thoreau’s Late Field Studies (Madeleine Minson)
  • Tenth Muse Errant: On Thoreau’s Crisis of Technology and Language (Henrik Gustafsson)
  • Keeping Pace With His Companion: Thomas Merton and Henry Thoreau (Patrick F. O’Connell)
  • Herbert W. Gleason: A Photographer’s Journey to Thoreau’s World (Dale R. Schwie)
  • The Herbert Wendell Gleason Negatives in the Concord Free Public Library: Odyssey of a Collection (Leslie Perrin Wilson)
  • Letters and Poems from Ellery Channing to Fanny Cummings, 1880-1882 (Joel Myerson and Susan M. Stone)
  • Thoreau’s Panoramic Vision and the Art of Guido Reni (Charles Colbert)
  • The Art and Legacy of Henry Beston’s The Outermost House (Allan D. Burns)

1998, Volume 6

Ronald Wesley Hoag, editor
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  • Foundations for the Castle: Building the Thoreau Institute (Jason Taylor)
  • Thoreau, Thales, and the Distribution of Water (Eric Wilson)
  • “I am of French Extract”: Thoreau’s Sympathy with the French (Richard S. Randolph)
  • Henry David Thoreau (Frans G. Bengtsson; trans. by Thorsten & Rosemary Sjolin; ill. by Gunnar Brusewitz)
  • Germany and the American Transcendentalists: An Intellectual Bridge (Patrick Labriola)
  • Thoreau as Leading Man: Bringing Him to the Screen (Linda Keslar)
  • West by Southwest: Thoreau’s Minnesota Journey (Gordon V. Boudreau)
  • Edward Waldo Emerson’s Recollections of His Father’s Death (Joel Myerson)
  • Thoreau and Zane Grey’s The Vanishing American (Victor Carl Friesen)

1997, Volume 5

Ronald Wesley Hoag, editor
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  • Rethinking Thoreau and the History of American Ecology (Frank N. Egerton and Laura Dassow Walls)
  • In Search of Spring and Fall: Anticipation of Seasons in Thoreau’s Journal (Madeleine Minson)
  • Henry Thoreau and the Advent of American Rail (Henrik Gustafsson)
  • Thoreau and Australia: Sauntering Under the Southern Cross (James Porter)
  • Australia’s Literary Beachcomber: Confessions of a Different Drummer (Edmund J. Banfield)
  • “The World Is a Divine Dream”: Emerson’s Subjective Idealism (David Lyttle)
  • Twelve Ungathered Poems by Franklin B. Sanborn (1831-1917) (Ronald A. Bosco)
  • John Muir and Thoreau’s Cape Cod (J. Parker Huber)
  • Home Places: Excerpts from Woodswoman III (Anne LaBastille)
  • Correcting the Newspapers: Thoreau and “A Plea for Captain John Brown” (David G. Fuller)
  • Uncaptured Monsters: The Ostracizing Allusions of Walden (Sharlene Roeder)

1996, Volume 4

Ronald Wesley Hoag, editor
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  • Henry Thoreau in Cyberspace (Joel Myerson)
  • Who Owns Henry Thoreau? (Lawrence Buell)
  • Brook Farm and Concord: Transit Between Celebrated Communities (Sterling F. Delano)
  • The Saunterer’s Vision: Henry Thoreau’s Epiphany of Forest Dynamics in The Dispersion of Seeds (Michael Berger)
  • Henry Thoreau and the Estabrook Country: A Historic and Personal Landscape (Stephen F. Ells)
  • Thoreau in the Town School, 1837 (Dick O’Connor)
  • Thoreau’s “Basket of a Delicate Texture”: Weaving History in A Week (Judith Broome Mesa-Pelly)

1995, Volume 3

Ronald Wesley Hoag, editor
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  • A Rambling History of The Thoreau Society (Walter Harding)
  • Thoreau and the Woodswoman (Anne LaBastille)
  • At Home with Lidian: Henry Thoreau in 1847-1848. (Harmon D. Smith)
  • Tinker Creek and the Waters of Walden: Thoreauvian Currents in Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim (Donna Mendelson)
  • “Boston in the Sixties”: Rebecca Harding Davis’s View of Boston and Concord During the Civil War (Janice Milner Lasseter)
  • “Boston in the Sixties” (Rebecca Harding Davis)
  • Emerson’s Transcendental Individualism (David Lyttle)
  • John Muir and Thoreau’s Maine (J. Parker Huber)
  • “Near My Heart” After Fifty Years: Thomas Wentworth Higginson’s Reminiscence of Worcester (Kent P. Ljungquist and Anthony Conti)
  • Neither Nonresistance Nor Violence: Thoreau’s Consistent Response to Social Evils (Joan Cooney)

1994, Volume 2

Ronald Wesley Hoag, editor
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  • Young Men and Women of Fairest Promise: Transcendentalism in Concord (Robert A. Gross)
  • Thoreau’s Sauntering: The “Adventure of the Day” (Victor Carl Friesen)
  • “The Road to Ruins and Restoration”: Roland W. Robbins, Henry David Thoreau, and theDiscovery at Walden (Donald W. Linebaugh)
  • Thoreau’s Domestic Economy: Double Accounts in Walden (Etsuko Taketani)
  • An Interview with Jane Langton at Baker Farm: May 7th and 8th, 1994 (Roberta C. Martin)
  • A Pre-Civil War Struggle Against Capital Punishment: Charles Spear, Concord and the Case of Washington Goode (Barry Kritzberg)
  • “Some Private Business” (Philip Milner)
  • Thoreau and the Glowworms (Francis B. Dedmond)
  • Gauging the Value of Nature: Thoreau and His Woodchucks (John Bird)
  • Martha Le Baron Goddard: Forgotten Worcester Writer and Thoreau Critic (Kent P. Ljungquist)

1993, Volume 1

Ronald Wesley Hoag, editor
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  • The Stalk of the Lotus: Concord’s Most Famous Friendship (Robert D. Richardson, Jr.)
  • “Captain of a Huckleberry Party”: Thoreau and a New England Ritual of Summer (Wesley T. Mott)
  • Convers Francis and the Concordians: Emerson, Alcott and Others (Guy R. Woodall)
  • Forever Wild: A Portrait of Walden Warrior Mary Sherwood (Joel Lang)
  • Sarah Alden Ripley: Another Concord Botanist (Joan Goodwin)
  • Ellery Channing: The Turning Point (Harmon Smith)

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