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Online Auction begins March 1, 2023

The Thoreau Society and Thoreau Farm Online Auction begins March 1, 2023. You can support us by donating items to our auction, like this signed copy of Mary Oliver's "Devotions."

AG 2023 Call for Papers

This year's Annual Gathering explores the themes of Thoreau, politics, and extinction. We are planning an in-person conference in Concord, Massachusetts. Proposals are due December 1st.
Brent Ranalli


by Brent Ranalli Abstract: The “laundry sneer”—finding fault with Thoreau for not doing his own washing—is a relatively recent phenomenon.…


Barbara L. Packer Fellowship

The Barbara L. Packer Fellowship is named for Barbara Lee Packer (1947-2010), who taught with great distinction for thirty years…


Auction Thank You

Dear Friends, The Thoreau Society and Thoreau Farm would like to thank you for your support of our online "fun"-raising…


There is More Day to Dawn

Register for "More Day to Dawn." “'There Is More Day to Dawn': A Global Conversation Celebrating Teaching and Diversity" October…

I desire that there may be as many different persons in the world as possible.”




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