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The Thoreau Society and The Thoreau Farm Trust – Auction Fundraiser

From March 1-29, 2024, The Thoreau Society and The Thoreau Farm Trust will auction off a variety of exciting and unique items to raise funds for our organizations. The more items we have, the more funds we can generate, so we are seeking your assistance. Our joint programs, like the Write Connection, unite a global community that reads, reflects, and writes about the life, works, and legacy of Henry David Thoreau.

You can make a difference!


In 2018, Mary Oliver donated signed copies of Devotions to the Thoreau Society.

As winter descends on Walden Pond and Thoreau Farm, we eagerly anticipate the return of spring and summer. These are seasons when Thoreau’s wisdom is especially resonant. We invite our international members to participate in a unique opportunity that honors Thoreau’s legacy.

Join our online auction in collaboration with the Thoreau Farm Trust. This auction aims to raise funds for our missions and prepare our spring programming. The auction features signed books, photographs, and items related to New England Transcendentalism, Henry D. Thoreau, and the Concord landscape. We encourage you to donate items and explore the collection of rare Thoreau-related memorabilia.

Our auction site, founded in 2005, makes it easy to donate, browse, bid, and share the excitement with others. Your contributions help us educate the public on Thoreau’s life and works, and support our work in Concord and beyond.

Sponsored by the Edition: The Writings of Henry D. Thoreau, edited by Elizabeth Hall Witherell, comprises the complete and authoritative texts of the works of Thoreau (1817–1862), including previously unpublished essays, correspondence, and journals, as well as editions of his best-known titles.

Get news from the Thoreau Society and learn about ways you can help preserve Thoreau Country as part of our common heritage and as the embodiment of Thoreau’s landmark contributions to social, political, and environmental thought.

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