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Thoreau's desk at Walden From the Executive Director's Desk
Ferenczy, Károly, Man Sitting on a Log (1895) From the Blog

We are pleased to present "Parabola Nation; or, the Power of Disparate Things," by Patrick Chura, first published in the Thoreau Society Bulletin in Spring 2013.  Chura's is the first essay from the Bulletin and the Concord Saunterer that we have chosen for republication in the blog, a practice we recently established to highlight contributions to our publications.  

Gateway to the West

In “Walking,” Thoreau not only defines sauntering as one of his cherished pursuits; he also self-consciously chooses a “perfectly symbolical” shape or contour for his sauntering journeys: "The outline which would bound my walks would be, not a circle, but a parabola...

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The Thoreau Society is pleased to announce the continuation of its Short-Term Research Fellowships. Recipients receive funds towards travel and research expenses to work on Thoreau-related projects in the Greater Boston area, as well as free attendance at the Thoreau Society Annual Gathering in July.