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Botanical Index to the Journal of Henry David Thoreau

Drawings of Henry D. Thoreau

Journal Transcripts September 3, 1854 – November 3, 1861

Thoreau’s Kalendar


From Ortelius to Champlain: The Lost Maps of Henry David Thoreau, John Hessler

Thoreau’s tracings of two of Samuel de Champlain’s maps

“Carte de la Nouvelle France,” recto and verso

“Carte geographique de la Nouvelle Franse”

Notes by Thoreau regarding the tracings


Thoreau’s Indian Notebooks

Digital Thoreau at SUNY Geneseo

The Days of Walter Harding

The Reader’s Thoreau

Walden: A Fluid-Text Edition

Also see

Thoreau’s Correspondence

Walden Manuscripts

Pencil Making

New England Historical Society


Thoreau’s Surveys

Where to find Thoreau’s manuscripts:

A more complete listing is available at The Writings of Henry D. Thoreau
The Houghton Library
The Huntington Library
The New York Public Library, The Berg Collection of English and American Literature
The Morgan Library & Museum

Also see

Thoreau’s “Fact Book”

The Walden Woods Project Collections

The Thoreau Society Collections


I have never got over my surprise that I should have been born into the most estimable place in all the world, and in the very nick of time, too.”

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