July 12-15 Thoreau's Ecological and Cultural Vision for a Tolerable Future

Annual Gathering Schedule, July 12-15

Thoreau's Ecological and Cultural Vision for a Tolerable Future


image by Susan Quateman and Leslie Bartlett




Event Registration

Member Rates

Early Bird: $275.00
Registration is $300 after May 15 and $325 after July 6

NonMember Rate: $375.00
Student Rate:$ 100.00

'A la carte Rates

Single Event: $30.00
Day Rate: $150.00
Keynote Address: $30.00
Weekend Rate: $250.00


Colonial Inn and Best Western Concord have special rates for the Thoreau Society.





W E D N E S D A Y, JULY 11, 2018


Squannacook River Rail Trail with Bob Young

Meet at Best Western Concord, Carpool to Townsend


5-7 pm 



7-9 pm

Evening Program



1. The Commencement Address Henry Thoreau Never Gave, Corinne H. Smith
2. Wander, Wonder, Wilderness - what can urban wilds and green spaces teach us?, Paul Turano (film and presentation)


T H U R S D A Y,  JULY 12, 2018

6:45 am

Walk Great Meadows with Peter Alden     

Meet at Keyes Rd to carpool

8 am   Registration  Masonic
9-10 am Presentations     Masonic

Main Level
1. Walden to Wachusett: The Thoreau Trail, Sponsored by Freedom's Way National Heritage Area with Desiree Demski-Hamelin, Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area and Charles Tracy, National Park Service

Lower Level
1. “Fishing for a few ‘wild men’ with Thoreau at Walden,” Michael Stoneham, Chair
2. "A Walk to Boon's Pond in Stow", David A. Mark

10:15-11:15 am  



Main Level
1. Does Transcendentalism have a Future? Michael Lorence

Lower Level
1. The Quiet Pattern of Walden Pond, John M. Nevison, Chair
2. “Going Deeper into Walden: Thoreau’s Hidden Treasure,” Dennis Noson

11:30-12:15 pm Presentations  Masonic

Main Level
1. Walking Walden Transcendentally, Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom

Lower Level
1. Thoreau's Last Lecture: Fall Color in the Autumn of Life, David K. Leff

12:15-1:15 pm

Lunch: Catered by the Colonial Inn (Meal Ticket required)                           

1:15-3:45 pm Special Event: Walk Pre-registration required
1. From Thoreau to Eaton: Meet the Botanists in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Cherrie Corey (meet in front of Masonic).
1:15-2:15 pm


  Main Level
1. Thoreau’s Quest: Chasing the Morning Wind, Tom Potter

Lower Level
1. Retracing Thoreau’s walk through Dogtown, Cape Ann: landscape revealed then and now, through silk and photography, Leslie Bartlett and Susan Quateman

2:30-3:45 pm


  Main Level
1. Thoreau and the Emergence of Political Ecology, Evan Edwards, Chair
2. From Walden Pond to the Anthropocene: An Activist's View of Thoreau's Ecological Vision for Our Times, Richard Myers
3. Thoreau the Travel Writer: "Walking" and Cape Cod as Theory and Practice, Karin Murray-Bergquist

Lower Level
1. ‘Foxy Thoughts’ and Human Culture in Thoreau’s Cape Cod, Albena Bakratcheva, Chair
2. “New Ideas from ‘an Old Book,’” Edward Gillin
3. Thoreau's Sense of Beauty, Andrew Menard

4-5:15 pm 



Main Level
1. The Plot Thickens: Who outed Sanborn and Higginson to the authorities after John Brown's Raid?, Janet Beck, Chair
2. Martin (Who)ther King? (Totally Kidding, Love That Man): Henry David Thoreau, Malcolm X, Tyler Durden and the Let's all Fight Club (Yes Fight, Enough with the Passivity), Dr. Brandon Hernsberger
3. Globalization of Wild Nature: Would Perennially ‘New’ Dreamland Survive?, Nikita Pokrovsky and Uliana Nikolaeva

5:30-7 pm

Dinner on your own

 7:30-9 pm Emerson Society Panel

1. From Ecstasy to Blasphemy: Belief, Critique, and the “Negative” Critical Tendency of New England Transcendentalism, David Faflik, Chair


9-10 pm Emerson Society Social Masonic


F R I D A Y,  JULY 13, 2018

6:45 am

Walk Estabrook Woods
Deborah Medenbach with Neil Rasmussen and Anna Winter

Meet at Keyes Rd to carpool
8 am Registration Masonic
9:00-3:00 pm Special Event

Thoreau with Compass and Chain, Richard Leu

Meet at Emerson Field
9:30-11 am 


  Main Level
1. "Skogsliv vid Walden: Some Notes on the Swedish Reception of Thoreau," Henrik Otterberg, Chair
2. "Thoreau at the Crossroads: Choosing between Environmental Armageddon and the Über-State," John Matteson and Diane Whitley-Grote
3. Country Mouse and City Mouse: Henry David Thoreau and George Templeton Strong, Geoff Wisner

Lower Level
1. New National Parks for America, Michael Kellett, Chair, and Jym St. Pierre
2. Thoreau’s Active Ecologies and the Public Land Idea, Jake McGinnis
3. The Algonquian Model of Political Virtue, Brent Ranalli
4. Thoreau, George Copway and Rethinking the Indian Notebooks, John J. Kucich

11:15-12:15 pm Presentations Masonic
  Main Level
1. What Would Thoreau Do?, Ken Lizotte, Chair, Michael Frederick, Corinne Smith, Jack Maguire, Barbara Olson.  Sponsored by the Thoreau Farm Trust

Lower Level
1. "Henry Thoreau: A Spiritual Life in Letters," Barry M. Andrews

12:15-1:15 pm Lunch Catered by the Colonial Inn (Meal Ticket required)   Masonic
1-2 pm Special Event Pre-registration required. Reception with Marjorie Harding Memorial Fellowship Awardee, David Faflik Thoreau Instute, Lincoln, MA
1:30-2:30 pm Presentations Masonic
  Main Level
Is Thoreauvian Love Sustainable?, Diana Lorence

Lower Level
“A True Sauntering of the Eye:” How We Can Use Thoreau’s Technique Today, Corinne H. Smith

3-4:30 pm Special Event CFPL
  1. A Close Look at Alfred Winslow Hosmer’s Grangerized Salt, Leslie Perrin Wilson at the Concord Free Public Library.
Pre-registration required.                        
2:45-4 pm Presentations              Masonic
  Main Level
1. Thoreau Simplified, John I. Clapp, Chair
2. Comfort Zone Be Damned, Katrina Byrd
3. Stop the Machine: Civil Disobedience and Maria Aloykhina's Riot Days, Charmion Gustke

Lower Level
1. "Transforming 'The Paths Which the Mind Travels': Thoreau's Meditative Reveries,” Christina Root, Chair
2. Thoreau and the Nature of Books, Joseph M. Johnson
3. By the Mediation of a Thousand Little Mosses: A Poetry Reading, Catherine Staples

4:15-5:30 pm  Panels Masonic
  Main Level
1. Henry David Thoreau As a Model for Renewal in Higher Education, Jacob Hundt, Chair
2. Henry Thoreau and Kenji Miyazawa: Their Views on Education and Nature, Michiko Ono

Lower Level
1. “Transcendental Material Culture,” David Wood

5:30 Dinner on your own  
7:30 pm
Outrageous Fortune
Musical ecology: an exploration of the history of Americana root and branch, from Stephen Foster and minstrelsy through medicine shows and Delta Blues to Western Swing and the Transcendentalist School of Rock and Roll.
First Parish

S A T U R D A Y,  JULY 14, 2018

6:45 am Walk October Farm Riverfront with Peter Alden              Meet at Keyes Rd to carpool
7 am Memorial Walk at Walden Pond with Corinne Smith        Meet at Cabin Replica
9-10:30 am Business Meeting.  This is the annual membership meeting of the Thoreau Society. First Parish

Dana S. Brigham Memorial Keynote Address

Aaron Sachs

First Parish


Catered by the Colonial Inn (Meal Ticket required)

First Parish
1-2 pm Henry David Thoreau Prize for Literary Excellence in Nature Writing First Parish

Bernd Heinrich, author of Mind of the Raven: Investigations and Adventures With Wolf-Birds (HarperCollins, 1999), Racing the Antelope: What Animals Can Teach Us About Running and Life (HarperCollins, 2001)  
1:30 Registration  Masonic
2:30-4 pm Presentation        Masonic

ASLE Panel

Main Level
1. Cristie Ellis, chair
2. "Thoreau in Love", Laura Zebuhr
3. "Clay, Seeds, and Fishes: Three Schemes of Individuation in Thoreau", Adam Burchard
4. "Thoreau's Halcyon Days", Rochelle Johnson
5. Thoreau as Modern Day Cynic, John Kaag

Lower Level
1. "Ecology as Culture / Culture as Ecology: Thoreau’s Imperative of Inclusivity As a Guide to a Tolerable Future", Jonathan Butler, Chair
2. ‘'More Heaven Than Earth Was Here' -- Anne Bradstreet (1612-72), Henry David Thoreau (1817-62), and the American Appreciation of Nature, J. William T. "Bill" Youngs

 2:30-3:45 pm Special Event
Pre-registration required
Concord Museum
4:15-5:15 pm Presentations Masonic

Main Level

  1. Ecology, Evolution, and Thoreau in the Mid-1800s: A Missed Opportunity?, John F. Barthell, Chair

  2. "A Track-Repairer Somewhere in the Orbit of the Earth": Thoreau and the Commercial Imagination, Geoffrey Kirsch, Chair

Lower Level
1. Henry Thoreau Describes A Revolutionary Painting, Judith L. Fichtenbaum, Chair
2. Thoreau’s Bean Planting and His Ode to Indolence, Farong Zhu

5:30-6 pm

Reception for the Keynote Speaker Aaron Sachs

Colonial Inn
6-7:30 pm Banquet Dinner Colonial Inn
7:30 pm Book-signing Masonic
9 pm Music Circle Masonic

S U N D A Y,  JULY 15, 2018

6:45 am Walk Fairhaven Bay to Walden and back with Peter Alden. Meet at Keyes Road to carpool
7:30-10 am Canoeing the Concord River with Deborah Medenbach Meet at Keyes Road to carpool
8 am Inspirational Morning Saunter at Thoreau Farm Birthplace with Corinne Smith Thoreau Farm
8 am Registration Masonic
9-10:15 am Presentations Masonic
  Main Level
1. “Thoreau’s Impact on High School Students - the Earth Scouts Program, a US-India Experiment”, Professor Jay Amaran*
2. Thoreau's Seminal Science of the Spirit, Stuart-Sinclair Weeks

Lower Level
1. Our Own Joe Wheeler, Diana Lorence and Joe Wheeler

10am Sermon at First Parish: The Bloom of the Present Moment by Barry Andrews First Parish
10:30-12:30 pm Presentations Masonic

Main Level

1. A Critique of Eastern and Western Influences on Thoreau’s Reform Ethic, Michael Frederick, Chair
2. A Week on the Ganges and Yangtze Rivers, Jason Giannetti

Lower Level

1. Sauntering Year Two with Henry David Thoreau, Donna Marie Przybojewski

12:30-2 pm Thoreau Farm Picnic Thoreau Farm
12:45 pm Dedication of Beginning Point Monument          Thoreau Farm
2:30-5 pm Afternoon Panel in Collaboration with the Orchard House Trinity Episcopal Church
81 Elm Street
  “Little Women in the 21st Century,” a panel discussion chaired by Megan Marshall, Emerson College

John Matteson, John Jay College
Joel Myerson, University of South Carolina, Emeritus
Ann Boyd Rioux, University of New Orleans
Daniel Shealy, University of North Carolina, Charlotte