Call for Submissions: Teaching Thoreau

Teaching Thoreau

In 2018, the Thoreau Society Bulletin will begin publishing a series of essays on the subject of “Teaching Thoreau.” This new regular feature will focus on strategies for teaching the life and works of Henry David Thoreau while giving educators the opportunity to share their expertise and experiences with an audience of fellow teachers and students of Thoreau. We are currently accepting submissions for next year. We invite educators of all levels and subjects to submit short essays (1,000-1,500 words) on their pedagogical methods both inside and outside of the classroom. The series will explore the value of teaching Thoreau from many different perspectives. Possible topics include:



Climate change ecology

Community learning and engagement

Concord history


Digital humanities

Journaling and creative writing

Gender studies

Physical education

Place-based learning


Social justice

Sound and soundscapes

STEM subjects

Transcendentalism and literary history

Visual arts

World religions

Please send submissions to Brent Ranalli ( The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2018. All submissions should conform to The Chicago Manual of Style. Essays accepted for publication will be published in 2019. Submissions received after the deadline will be considered for publication in a future year.