Executive and Editorial Staff

Thoreau Society Operations

Michael Frederick, Executive Director

Michael Frederick is an experienced Executive Director skilled in nonprofit management, events, and public relations. His strong business development and community skills have helped to lead the Thoreau Society since 2006. His field of study includes Thoreau’s social philosophy and ethics.  He has worked with several non-profit Boards. He holds a BS in Finance from Suffolk University - Sawyer Business School, a Master's in History from Harvard University - Extension School, and a Certificate of Profession Achievement, Nonprofit Management from Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management.

Chynna Lemire, Business Manager

Business Manger since 2016

Thoreau Society Publications

Brent Ranalli, Editor, Thoreau Society Bulletin

John Kucich, PhD., Editor, The Concord Saunterer: A Journal of Thoreau Studies

Thoreau Society Annual Conference

Magdalena Bermudez, Annual Gathering Coordinator

The Thoreau Society Bookstore, the Shop at Walden Pond

Jon Fadiman, Supervisor

Jon has worked at the Shop since 1995.  He has an educational background in physics, electrical engineering, and marketing. He graduated from Amherst College; then took his Masters at Harvard, plus additional post-graduate work. Jon is fluent in French and speaks German and some other languages. He was Director of International Sales for several computer companies. Jon lived for a time with his family in France and worked as a director of two companies there. He authored many technical and travel articles. Jon was brought up in a family of authors, and publishing was always part of his life. This explains his delight in working for the Thoreau Society.

Peter Alden, Shop Associate

Richard Higgins, Shop Associate

Charlanne Maynard, Shop Associate

Ryne MacBride, Shop Associate

Jamie McCarthy, Shop Associate

Corinne Smith, Shop Associate

Richard Smith, Shop Associate

Arthur Walker, Shop Associate 

The Thoreau Society Collections at the Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods Library

Jeffrey S. Cramer, Curator of Collections, for the Walden Woods Project